New York’s Have and Have-Not Housing Market

If you’ve got lots of money, it’s getting easier to find an apartment. If you don’t, good luck. New York City has added an estimated 488,478 housing units since 1991. For a city that has added 1.1 million jobs over that same period, that’s not great, but it’s not terrible, either. Where things get complicated — and in some … Read more

All about buying your First Home in a few words…

It is maybe the first priority, the dream that has to become true, that day that every family owns its own house. People keep dreaming about it, eventually when the moment comes they realize that this is one of the hardest decisions, one of the most complicated choices they have to make. The challenge of … Read more

Why Bankers usually say NO to your Mortgage Request ?

It is a life dream for every family to finally access the real estate market and purchase a home. Usually the only way to do that is to combine the family savings with finance from your bank. The same bank you have had a relationship with for many years is now holding your future dreams … Read more