Due to the Greek economic slump, which began in 2008-2009, Real Estate faced a huge decline. For almost a decade prior to the global financial crisis of 2007–2008, the real estate market and property values increased with an impressive ratio. The main reason for this incredible performance of the real estate sector was the unlimited and … Read more

Why Kenya’s real estate market efficiency is disputable

The majority of developers and investors in the big cities are building properties that are out of range for the average Kenyan family leading to the paradox of having an oversupply in a market that has a huge housing deficit. BY KOSTA KIOLEOGLOU Many people argue about the efficiency of the Kenyan real estate market … Read more

Brexit’s effects on Kenya’s the property market

On June 23, 2016, the history of Europe, and the world, changed drastically, marking the beginning of a new era following the UK referendum, which saw the country’s citizens vote to withdraw from  the European Union (EU). Their decision will see the creation a whole new economic environment, not just for the UK, but for … Read more

Why China’s Housing Market Refuses To Crash

As far back as 2005, international media sources have been projecting the collapse of what has been dubbed the Chinese property bubble. In 2008, the Economist declared that the “sizzle is off” China’s housing market and there were no improvement on the horizon. They then upped their ante in 2014, with an article entitled “End of the golden … Read more

Kenya Real Estate Market Overview: From 2015 to 2016

The year 2015 will run in the minds of economists around the world for many years to come. It was the year that saw some major political, economic, military and cultural events take place around the world. The collapse of oil prices, the rebound of the US dollar, the slowdown of the Chinese economy, the … Read more

Australia:Housing ‘severely unaffordable’ as Sydney price to income ratio worsens

Housing in Australia has been categorised as “severely unaffordable” compared with metropolitan markets around the world, a comprehensive survey has found. Of 10 major metropolitan markets assessed in the housing affordability survey, Hong Kong had the least affordable housing for the sixth year in a row, followed by Sydney. Sydney replaced Vancouver as the second … Read more

Is Kenya’s Real Estate Market Ready to Face a Global Cyclone?

We are at the beginning of 2016 and everybody is wondering how this year is going to be, since 2015 was full of surprises and had plenty of bad news.  This year, few are willing to forecast anything beyond a market correction, yet there is little sign of positive evidence for a rebound according to … Read more


“Investing in Emerging Markets and Kenya’s Real Estate Sector “   During the “2016 Money Show Forum” that was held in Hilton Athens from January 8 to January 10th 2016 the opportunity of investing in emerging markets was presented to the Greek investment community and professionals from  mr Kosta Kioleoglou .  The Money Show is … Read more

Kenya:Beneath the boom, a shaky foundation for Kenya’s nascent real estate secto

Interest in real estate is creating a fallacy that the economy is growing and life is easy. The trend has now been for someone to buy a small parcel of land in the sun-scorched and dusty bush areas that ‘have potential to grow’ and wait for three or so years for the parcel to ‘appreciate’ … Read more

The 2015 Global Housing Market Crash. Property Prices Plummet Worldwide

Housing markets are prone to the bandwagon effect, they continue rising when the fundamentals vanish, a year, maybe two years before. Stock market and commodity price volatility and declines are currently chronicled ad-nausea by the press without seeing the dramatic upswing of international property price falls. What is alarming is the pace of price declines. Even countries … Read more