US:Housing Market Takes On Split Levels

Lower-priced homes sell quickly while inventory on the higher end piles up A two-bedroom house in Los Angeles listed for $585,000 received 10 offers in the first week it hit the market, with the winner agreeing to pay $640,000. Meanwhile, a four-bedroom house a few miles away, priced at $3 million, sat on the market … Read more

The ‘hot’ housing market is about to experience a serious cooldown

“For more than 30 years, consistently falling mortgage interest rates have helped spur more home sales. But in about a year’s time, that decades-long tailwind will likely shift to a housing headwind.” Sales will be hit hard, according to a worried analysis from Zillow. But not yet. Home sales have been hot, by post-Financial Crisis … Read more

US:The Housing Market Finally Has Some Traction

The housing comeback from the Great Recession has been long and slow. Now, finally, it looks as if we are finally getting some traction. Mortgage lending is strong, and that’s a good sign for both the economy and the stock market. The banking sector is one immediate beneficiary. There are others, including homeowners, naturally. Banks’ … Read more